Top Filipino Chef


 No. Activity Date
 1Registration and Submission of Entries November 8, 2020 – Febuary, 2021
 2Submission of Entries/Recipes March 1 – 7, 2021
Judging Period March 8, 2021 – March 28, 2021

Announcement of TOP 3 March 29, 2021

Participating teams/individuals are required to submit the following to make their entries valid:

  • 1 Dish and 1 dessert must be submitted
  • Recipes of Dishes
  • Photos of Finished Dishes
  • 15 minutes Video of end-to-end preparation and cooking
  • Any additional assets requested for by the judges amid submission and judging periods

Non-compliance will make your entry invalid and will not be included in the judging period.

Prizes, Awards & Certificates 

Certificates of participation will be given to competitors who have completed all their classes of which they have registered.These will be distributed via email.

Selection of the winners will be solely decided by the judges. Winners will be selected according to the following order in both categories:

  • 1st Place (Champion)
  • 2nd Place
  • 3rd Place

This award comes with a cash reward of

  • 1st  Place PHP 100,000.00.
  • 2nd Place: PHP 50,000.00
  • 3rd Place: PHP 30,000.00


Set-up & Organization
Each participant for this category will be required to create an entree, centerplate, and dessert – with all processes captured in one (1) video limited to 1 hour maximum in length.

Planned arrangement of materials for trouble-free working, the workstation to be kept neat and tidy

0-25 points

Cooking Method and Hygiene
Depending on materials used and processes done as documented in the submission’s video, this is judged by the artistry, competency and expert work involved in the execution or preparation of the dishes as well as sanitary practices

 0-25 points

Final Presentation
Finished dishes should be eye appealing and elegant with your technique reflected on the product. Perusal will be done in both the photos and video submitted

 0-25 points

Matching and Correspondence
The photos will be checked closely to match the corresponding final dishes presented in the video. Both will be considered during the judging period.

 0-25 points

Recipes are required in the kitchen.


Pre-sliced vegetables and basic sauce/stock are allowed 

The following items are permitted to be brought in at certain stages of production as long as process is documented in video submission: 


– Can be cleaned and washed but not portioned 

Vegetables / Fruits 

– Peeled, cut, but not cooked

Pastas & Dough  

– Can be prepared but not cooked


– Cleaned, filleted but not portioned or cooked


– Can be portioned but not cooked, minced items allowed


– Need to be made in the kitchen

Marinated Proteins

– Pre-marinating of protein is permitted but must be documented in video submission


– Can be reduced but not finished or seasoned


– Preparation must be documented in video submission

Overall Rules & Regulations

Please read these rules and regulations carefully, failure to comply with them could result in points being deducted.


  1.   These competitions are open to any amateur or professional cooks/chefs – students from hotels, restaurants, confectionaries, culinary institutions or catering organizations. 
  1.   Each competitor must wear his or her uniform at all times while from preparation to presentation of the dish. 
  1.   Competitors are required to submit their recipes along with the (less than 1hour) video recording of dish preparation. video will be submitted at top filipino chef face book page 
  1.   Every dish must be a bona fide work of the competitor. 
  1.   Registrations and payment must be submitted via online portal before the due date. All transactions performed via any other methods will not be accepted, nor will refunds be made for this reason. No changes of entries, name and details are allowed after payment is made regardless of any circumstances. Refund of registration fees will not be performed under any condition. 
  1.   Added as a general rule, competitors are advised to refrain from talking to any of the judges either before or during the judging period.  
  1.   Competitors themselves have to ensure that the minimum / maximum size limit to each exhibit is adhered to, as points will be deducted for any exhibit exceeding the size and height limit given in the schedule of the competition. In extreme cases, exhibits will be removed or modified by the organizer. 
  1.   Judges can request anything related to the submission from the participants as long as it is within the judging period as long as it is deemed necessary to further inspect the entry dish. 

The judges’ decisions are final. 

  1. All exhibits and product photographs, slides pertaining to this event, and videos shall automatically become the intellectual property of the organizing committee for future advertisement and promotional purposes. 
  1. Cooking wine & alcohol are allowed to be used. 
  1. All mise-en-place, cutting, washing etc. must be documented in the video as part of the dish preparation process. 
  1. All food items must be edible.              
  1. All selected exhibits by the organizing committee will be put on display wherever the organizing committee deems necessary. 
  1. All plates, utensils, kitchenware, etc. should not bear any company / hotel logo. 
  1. The organizing committee reserved the rights to rescind, modify or add on to any of the above rules and conditions, and their interpretations of these are final. They also reserved the right to limit the number of entries per event or cancel any event should there be a need to do so.

Please DO NOT send your entry aside from the online portal provided. Only online registration and submission is valid.

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